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About Us

 Our mission

At Ivoire Search we believe that the way we inter into relationship with each other and/or promote our business is changing.

Millions of people all over the world are connecting with each other or offering their skills and services online either as self-employed professionals or as business moonlighters working around their normal Job hours.

Thousands of businesses – especially at the more nimble smaller end –are waking up to the realization that they can now tap into this vast resource pool, using the internet, and make a huge cost saving.

Engaged teams of people (marketers) across boundaries are being formed, hired and managed remotely, through the Internet, allowing businesses to remain flexible and scale their business up or down fast without the red tape, cost and bureaucracy of traditional employment.

Our mission at Ivoire Search is help people connecting to each other and to enable every business to embrace this new way of marketing any products.

Our founding principles

Ivoire Search is founded upon the belief that all people - regardless of their professional capacity, country, age or qualifications - have skills that are valuable to someone else at the right price and the right to ease their way to do and promote their business in order to ensure themselves a good living.

As such Ivoire Search has set up an ecosystem that operates on the principles of accountability and transparency allowing Entrepreneurs to create and promote their business at relatively low cost and Clients to find potential product, hire and manage skilled people with reliability and trust.

Our vision is a future where anyone can get in touch with anybody in Ivory Coast, or where anyone can create a business anytime, sell their products or their skills online to Clients as and when needed.


 WHAT IS IVOIRESEARCH.NET? is a one stop site working as an address book that offer users the possibility , in fewer click to get as much information as possible. In fact, the ambition of is to help user, through a compelling local search to find and connect with local business in Ivory Coast. As such the user is ensured to any address (for public places, hotels, restaurents, shoping, etc.) that can be geographically located on map in Ivory coast.

Moreover, offers the user the possibility to their driving direction in Ivory Coast.


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